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In everyday life, many people lack confidence, and self-belief because of other people's opinions. How to overcome and give the best reply to such people.

23 Jan 2023

Someone has rightly said,
"Half victory is assured when you assume that everything will go according
to plan". You must have self-confidence if you want to prevail in life's
conflicts. You must believe in your abilities and have confidence in yourself.
If you lack internal confidence, you will suffer from low self-esteem and be
dissatisfied with everything you accomplish. People around us and their
thoughts can have a big impact on how confident we feel at times.

You spend a lot of time trying to be what other people want you to be, rather
than being who you want to be. When they say, "At your age, I was fairly
successful," or when they tell you, "Stop being so uncool", it
makes you feel restless, and you try your best to improve the way they told
you. It eats your inner peace and decreases your confidence. A wise person once
said, ”You can't satisfy everyone in this world, but you can please yourself”. Therefore,
it's time for you to stop listening to what other people think, and start
following your interests. You must develop your confidence to do this. The
following strategies will help you overcome your lack of confidence and respond
to such people effectively:

1. Be your best friend:
best friend is the person who supports and comforts you in times of need. Not every friend can remain with you all the time, and
hence, it's
imperative that you become your own best buddy.
gentle with yourself, when you make mistakes. Tell
yourself, that it is a learning phase of your life. Instead of berating
yourself for making the mistakes, concentrate more on not doing them again.
Always be kind to yourself.

2. Avoid evaluating yourself against others:
Being able to purchase a luxurious Car, &
a flat at the age of 21 is as cool as carrying all your responsibilities by the
age of 30, and then being able to save some money for a motorcycle. What matters
more in life is ‘peace’ and ‘moments’. Each of us shares a different set of
duties and each of us has a different job to play. We should accept ourselves
as we are and work to get better gradually.

3. Don’t allow negative thoughts:
this world; either everything is good, or everything is bad. You never face
defeat. Either you win, or you learn something worth improving in yourself. So,
you should always keep negative thoughts at bay.  The best approach is to convert such negative
thoughts into positive ones. For example, rather than focusing on your defeat,
you can focus more on improving yourself for the next challenge. You should
never indulge in negative self-talk. Rather, you should keep motivating

4. Open yourself to new challenges:
Start taking risks in life, provided you are not keeping your life at
threat. Learn something new each day. Work on your interests, and make them
your strength. It will boost your self-esteem. Follow one basic rule in life;
The moment one challenge ends, make yourself ready for the next challenge
rather than crying for your loss in the former one. Open yourself to new
positive experiences. A person who is not good at basketball, may be good at
table tennis or badminton, but how would he come to know about it unless he
explores it?

5. Accept your failures:Success
and Failure are the two sides of the same coin. The probability to be
successful in something is the same as the probability to fail in it. So, we
should equally welcome our failures, the way we welcome our success in

If someone is good at Singing, they may try to excel in it, while still trying
to enjoy other activities like dancing without achieving any perfection in
them. The moment, we focus more on enjoying rather than winning, half of our
esteem-based issues get sorted.

Work on your personality:

Sometimes, how we dress affects how confident we feel. Therefore, each of us
should dress professionally, and in a manner that is consistent with that of an
office worker. Furthermore, anything we wear should be comfy. Wearing clothes that
prevent wardrobe malfunctions, and make us appear decent for a meeting may have
an impact on how confident we feel when talking with our superiors at work.
Additionally, it raises our chances of getting promoted.

7. Keep learning new skills:
The contemporary world is the world of learning. No business can flourish
without learning new skills. So, you should always try to improve your existing
skills and learn some new skills whenever you get time.  It will make a significant impact on your
overall confidence level. Implement all these skills at your workplace, and see
if it increases your productivity. Your confidence will soar the moment you
learn to use your skills effectively at work.

8. Take the help of a wellness coach:
at work never entails resigning; it merely indicates that we need to improve
our skills. In such a time, you can join some good professional courses,
purchase some good video tutorials, or hire a personal trainer. When you lack
confidence, motivational novels, success stories, and biographies are always at
your disposal. On the internet, there are a lot of programmes that teach you to
start believing in yourself. You can also go see a wellness coach if you still
don't see any improvement in yourself.

Now that you have embraced all these qualities in yourself, It's time to get
out of your comfort zone and work on yourself. Without feeling embarrassed,
offer to help with everything. Utilize the possibilities that come your way.
Set new objectives for yourself, and give yourself praise when you succeed. You
will emerge from it an entirely different guy, and this changed personality of
yours will be the best answer to the opinions of other people. 

 Written / Medically Reviewed By Dr Manju Antil  

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