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Stress Management

16 Jan 2023

Stress Management

In life, there are times, when a person may feel intellectually, or physically
unfit. It may be due to a problem with our relationships, a problem with our
ability to balance work and life, or any other personal or professional issue
over which we have no control. Such a dilemma leaves us unsatisfied because we
are unable to solve it. We frequently miss meals and sleep as well. People of
all ages, including children, are quite susceptible to this illness.

In simpler words, stress is the body's reaction to changes that occur inside of
us, and in our environment. Any event such as a divorce, a death in the family,
peer pressure, or work pressure, can increase stress in our lives. Stress in
children can be caused by peer pressure, academic pressure, competitiveness in
sports and other activities, improper time management, illness, and hormonal
changes. In adults, it can be caused by relationship problems, depression,
illness, work-life balance issues, work pressure, etc., and in the case of
older persons, loneliness or health problems can contribute to stress. Stress
is associated with many risks. It can worsen our mood, cause a headache, weaken
our immunity, and harm every aspect of our lives.
The most effective solution to all of these issues at this moment is stress
management. Your happiness and health can be maintained by effective stress
management. Additionally, it boosts our productivity and maintains the balance
of our lives at the time. Here are a few suggestions for reducing stress with
effective stress management:

(i) Breathe, and give yourself some time to unwind:
Breathing exercises are one of the best relievers of stress. The human body
can relax once breathing exercises like deep breathing and belly breathing are
activated. As a result of this action, the brain receives extra oxygen, which
comforts us. They do not physically enhance you, but they soothe your body and
boost your mood. They also assist in raising the quality of your sleep.

(ii) Adopt a positive thinking strategy:
The worst trait of some people is their desire to appease everyone around
them. They neglect their happiness in their desire to please others. We ought
to converse with ourselves at least once a day. When you speak phrases like "It's
ok," "everything will be fine," "I know you can do
it," etc. to yourself,  your propensity
to divert negative thoughts increases, and it becomes possible for you to drive
negative thoughts away.
(iii) Create a hobby for yourself:
A poll found that activities like knitting, embroidery, reading and other
crafts can improve your mood. Playing indoor and outdoor games with people is
another benefit of hobbies like these. You can also engage in hobbies like
gardening or cooking that will take your mind off a particular stressor.
(iv) Change your diet:

Homeopathy holds that the body is capable of healing itself. By making a few
easy dietary modifications, we can easily solve any issue in the body. The
first thing you should do is cease ingesting any alcoholic beverages. People
drink alcohol to combat stress, but it only serves to enhance it, making them
more stressed overall and causing tension for others as well.  You can keep your blood pressure under control
by eating a nutritious diet. You should consume a diet high in nuts, fatty
acids, lean proteins, and other foods high in antioxidants.
(v) Develop healthier sleep habits:

Arrange your bedroom so that there are no distractions when you're trying to
fall asleep. Ensure that your room has the right temperature, comfort, and
conditioning. Ensure that you turn off your phone at night and spend at least
20 minutes a day in the sun during the day. Every form of obstruction to your ability
to sleep will be avoided this way.
(vi) Fitness and aerobics:
If at all possible, start a formal exercise regimen, and work out for at least
20 to 25 minutes in the morning. Find strategies to stroll to the market or
other local locations if you are unable to get up early in the morning. To
reduce tension more effectively, you can perform aerobics or go to the stairs
rather than the elevator or escalator. All of these workouts cause the body to
release endorphins, which reduce tension and discomfort. Sex with your spouse,
if you're in a relationship, can also help you decompress from stress.
(vii) Yoga and Meditation:

"Yoga" refers to physical activities that involve slow, deep
breathing and stretching of the body. To practise "meditation," one
must focus on their breathing and block out all external distractions. Both
Yoga and Meditation have been practised for thousands of years, and renowned
medical professionals, health experts, saints, and sages advise them as
treatments for stress.
(viii) Give yourself some space:
Stress is exacerbated by loneliness. You can give yourself some
companionship and avoid loneliness by visiting a nearby park or restaurant,
going on vacation, taking a hobby class, or joining a local group. Make friends
and spend time with them.
(ix) Reduce
the pressure you put on yourself:

lifestyle has made our schedule and life more stressful. We have a very limited
amount of time to engage in leisure activities and stress-relieving activities.
We never stop hustling. If this is the case for you as well, you should divide
time-consuming jobs into smaller ones. We should limit our screen time and take
short tea or water breaks if our job includes sitting for prolonged hours.

(x) Laugh to yourself heartily. Talk treatment or therapy:

Your body gets enough oxygen when you laugh. As a result, your body
produces feel-good hormones, and it improves your health. Create a morning
walking club with several of your pals, and after a decent workout of around 20
minutes, laugh for no apparent reason. If something inside of you is robbing
you of serenity, talk to a friendly & understanding person. If nobody is
available, find a reputable therapist or physician. It will lift your spirits
and make stress management easier for you.

 Written by Dr. Manju Antil 


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